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Hi there, here you will find my current inventory of hardwood lumber slabs available for sale.  New slabs are added frequently so please check back often.  They will range anywhere from green fresh off the mill, to air dried from months to years, but I always recommend to bring a moisture meter with you as there is no guarantee to a certain moisture content.  This is why I post the mill date for you to decide what is best for your project and budget.  I only sell slabs that are air dried or green, not kiln dried and/or sterilized.  If you have any questions, want to check pricing, or are interested in purchasing any of the slabs you see, please send a message or use the button below, remember to include the slab ID in your message.  

Custom Milling
Are you a woodworker that has a tree you want milled? Maybe you have a tree that you are going to have taken down or has already come down and you don't want to pay big money to have it hauled away. One of the largest expenses when a company fells a tree for you is to cut it up and dispose of it. Save that money and let me mill the log and turn it into beautiful lumber.  If you have a nice hardwood log like walnut, cherry, maple, oak, osage, ash, hickory etc. I'd be interested, and in many cases, I would be willing to mill the tree at no cost to you for a share in the lumber just let me know what you have.  If you are only interested in having it milled, please send me a message and let me know what species and size the log is and we can discuss the process, thank you!

Sell Your Logs
I am always interested in nice hardwood logs, especially walnut.  If you have a log that it is a species I use a lot, just reach out to me and lets discuss what you have and we can discuss a fair price I'd be willing to pay for your log.

Firewood / Smoking Wood

I offer an amazing selection of aromatic and flavorful woods for smoking food.  One of my favorites is the Black Cherry, it makes everything delicious!  At any given time we also will have hickory, oak, maple and other fragrant and delicious species just let me know what you need.  Firewood is also available year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

I sell air dried hardwood lumber slabs and craft lumber catering to hobby woodworkers mainly.  I also sell firewood and wood that is excellent for smoking food.

Yes, please contact me to discuss your log.

In some cases, absolutely yes you can. If you have a nice log that is a species I'm looking for in some cases I will mill it at no cost if I can share the lumber with you!

The marketplace is always changing so I have to look at where it currently is at the time of a sale. My goal is to sell you a beautiful slab at a value price in any market!  If you are interested in a slab you see just send me a message and I'll get you a price asap.

My inventory is always changing and I am always looking for new logs to mill. I try to keep the website up to date, but in the time you spent reading this I may have just picked up your perfect log! So please feel free to contact me to see what might have just come in and check back often.

No!  That is a very specialized skill that needs an expert in the field to do because of the dangerous nature involved. What I can do in most cases is save you a lot of money by coming and getting the downed tree instead of the tree company cutting it up and hauling it away. That is the largest expense that a tree company charges and you can save that money if I'm interested in the tree, so please contact me and let me know what kind of tree you have!

It depends.  Honestly, this can not be answered without knowing the species, size and condition of the log. Price is also effected by current slab/lumber prices. In most cases people think a log is worth much more than it is. You have to remember the expensive equipment and time that goes into milling a log from tree to finished lumber. Plus if a log has metal in it, and most yard trees do, then it is more trouble then it is worth unfortunately.  Again drop me a message and let me know what you have, I'll be glad to talk about it!

I desire any type of hardwood log. This can include logs from trees such as ash, walnut, hickory, cherry, white oak, osage, beech, etc.  

Yes, just like the web address name, all the slabs are air dried, none of them are kiln dried and/or sterilized.

It varies from slab to slab. At any given time I have both green (fresh cut) and slabs that are likely as dry as they will get unless brought into a controlled space like a kiln, and everything in-between. I provide the mill date and nothing else, so there is no guarantee of a specific moisture content. As a prospective buyer you are encouraged to bring a moisture meter if you are looking for a specific value. For reference, a "typical" value for air dried wood in this area that would be considered "air-dried" would be around 12% give or take depending on season, temperature, humidity, etc.

Wood is a living, breathing material which means Insects are always a possibility with with any wood, including air dried slabs.  Even kiln dried lumber can get them or no one would ever get termites in their house.  Once a log is slabbed it has to sit for a year or more to dry, and even if it came out of a kiln it would still sit in a barn until it was sold and that could always make it a target to a bug, just a fact of life.  Building a "hot box" to sterilize slabs before taking it inside a conditioned space is very easily accomplished or you can find a local kiln to sterilize it for you if that is a concern you may have.

Sure.  The longer wood needs to sit around and dry the more valuable it becomes due to the ability to work with it faster and the time/space involved with air drying it down to the lowest moisture content it can be for a given climate. If you wanted to save some money and had time to let the lumber sit then you can save by getting it "more green" and dry it yourself.

Generally speaking I don't surface plane any slabs. It comes off the mill in what's called "rough sawn" state, but if it is not too large I may be able to help with that, just ask.  As far as custom cutting, yes I can accommodate that just let me know what size you are looking for.

Yes! Contact me for pricing and availability.

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